Give me the weights

The hate

The jealousy

The criticism

And the doubt

And I’ll get to work

Using these heavy hitters

As training tools

So keep it coming

Give me another round

And I’ll keep on pumping


One Last Battle Cry

You break into my house

and claim it as your own

You strip the walls

Pull up the floors

And use the pieces

To build up your throne.


Is what you expect

But honesty

Is what you deserve.

Because honestly

You’re a bastard to serve.

You build an empire

Top down

Settle upon my grounds

and let out the hounds.

I am no Terra Nullius

My land is not for the taking.

Don’t look down at me

Your head shaking

Your words whipping

Lashing me with lies.

It saddens me

To watch you bring down

The bridges between us

Because I am not after your crown

I am not your enemy.

Just a friendly neighbour

With an open harbour

Trying to hold back

Your tsunami.

It’s always been so hard for me

To say anything

Above your battle cry

But I will give you this

One last try

To make amends

Before you die.

Mind Bomb

Time bomb

I wonder where it started to go wrong

Mind bomb

Thoughts and emotions felt so strong

Time bomb

Mind working all night long

Mind bomb

A sad sad song

Time bomb

Mind bomb

Time bomb

Mind bomb

Time bomb




I refuse

To self-destruct.

So I  will deconstruct

This delicate device

Investigate its flaws twice

And note down its parts

So I can avoid

Setting that bomb off







Tomorrow I Will.


I said I would


And now Today

I say I wish I still had


What Crop do I Grow?

Every day a farmer can only use a certain amount of water. They may choose to use this water on whatever crop they like. They might use all their water on one crop, at the expense of several others. Or the farmer may spread the water evenly between the crops, however none of these crops will ever reach their full potential. They will only just get by. Now ask yourself, if you were this farmer, where would you use the water? On your relationships with friends and family? On your personal skill set? On love? Our energy is finite. So be careful where you place your energy. And remember, crops may die, but they can be re-sewn. They’ll just take a bit longer to flourish.

I understand.

I was hearing it wrong.

Now I finally


The words

of this song.

Rhythm and beat

I rise to my feet

And dance

Upon the floors

I once

Crawled upon.

Find the Water

What’s an inspiration without water, a belief without a boat, and an idea without action? Stranded. Find the water, build the boat, and paddle away from that hopeless island, where nothing ever happens.