Broken glass

Broken glass

is softened

by the sands

of time.

If i was a song…

If i was a song,

would you be too busy dancing

to understand

my heartbeat?



Looking For a Place to Swim

When I look for a place to swim,

it is never one friendly or inviting,

but one rather dim.

For when I swim,

my mind will always win.

Swim in the shallow near the shore

they say, but I know for sure

I’ll be going somewhere so much more


Where waves don’t sleep,

And the ground can’t grasp my feet.

For when I swim,

my mind will always win.

Feel the pressure against my skull,

as I sink,

a broken hull.

Why can I never find the right place

to swim?






Honey. Like golden money, only runny. And sweet.


The Boy at the Snow

I felt like writing something, I’m a little bored, so here we go. A young boy is at the snow surrounded by a hazy glow. On the chairlift, rising above the snowdrift. Where is it taking him? He really doesn’t know. He can’t see through the heavy snow. So up, up he will go. Sitting next to the boy is a man he doesn’t know. After a while the man with not a bit of his face showing asks “where are you going?”. The boy replies saying “somewhere with a better view, where it is no longer snowing”. The man questions him “and how do you know that the view is better where you’re going?”. The boy shuffles on his seat “I, I don’t know…” he stutters, “but I have faith”. The hidden smile on the man begins to grow as they continue riding the lift up together in the heavy snow.

boy at snow