Give me the weights

The hate

The jealousy

The criticism

And the doubt

And I’ll get to work

Using these heavy hitters

As training tools

So keep it coming

Give me another round

And I’ll keep on pumping


One Last Battle Cry

You break into my house

and claim it as your own

You strip the walls

Pull up the floors

And use the pieces

To build up your throne.


Is what you expect

But honesty

Is what you deserve.

Because honestly

You’re a bastard to serve.

You build an empire

Top down

Settle upon my grounds

and let out the hounds.

I am no Terra Nullius

My land is not for the taking.

Don’t look down at me

Your head shaking

Your words whipping

Lashing me with lies.

It saddens me

To watch you bring down

The bridges between us

Because I am not after your crown

I am not your enemy.

Just a friendly neighbour

With an open harbour

Trying to hold back

Your tsunami.

It’s always been so hard for me

To say anything

Above your battle cry

But I will give you this

One last try

To make amends

Before you die.

Mind Bomb

Time bomb

I wonder where it started to go wrong

Mind bomb

Thoughts and emotions felt so strong

Time bomb

Mind working all night long

Mind bomb

A sad sad song

Time bomb

Mind bomb

Time bomb

Mind bomb

Time bomb




I refuse

To self-destruct.

So I  will deconstruct

This delicate device

Investigate its flaws twice

And note down its parts

So I can avoid

Setting that bomb off







Tomorrow I Will.


I said I would


And now Today

I say I wish I still had


The Every Day List

Why do we call it the

Bucket List?

Is it

Because so many of us

Never get the chance

To full-fill our lives

before we

Kick the bucket?

Why should I throw

My dreams

Into that pit

With no room?

Watch my future

Wash round

Spill over and out

And onto

The ground.

Why should I wait

For the rains of time

To fill my rusting bucket?

Can we change the name to

The every day list?

Because we should be living like

Tomorrow is our last

Not living for tomorrow

Only to let this one

Slip past.

Find the Water

What’s an inspiration without water, a belief without a boat, and an idea without action? Stranded. Find the water, build the boat, and paddle away from that hopeless island, where nothing ever happens.


Changing Lanes

Some lanes are
Some days are
Some days are
Some ways are

Sometimes you’ll
Cross the lines
Jump ship
With a flip
Of a blink-uh
Not again
My lane is now slower than
The one I just left

Life in general, and the business world
Has its ups and downs
Booms and Busts.
And sometimes we end up in the slower lane
So of course, we are likely to try change lanes
To be in the fast lane again
And sometimes it works
And sometimes it doesn’t.
But just remember
You are the driver of your own vehicle
You have the grips on the wheel
And you can steer your life
Your business
Or whatever it is
In any direction you feel.