True love touches the heart.

True lust touches every other part.

A little less chaos…

Imagine the sound of a thousand gunshots

exploding in one small room.

Imagine the damage to its walls

as the bullets ricochet indefinitely

in different directions.

Eventually a wall will break

and a bullet will escape

leaving a mark upon the surrounding landscape.

Now there is a little less noise

a little less chaos

inside this room.


I use to think that monsters hid

under the bed

but now i hear them growling

inside my head.


Broken glass

Broken glass

is softened

by the sands

of time.

If i was a song…

If i was a song,

would you be too busy dancing

to understand

my heartbeat?



Looking For a Place to Swim

When I look for a place to swim,

it is never one friendly or inviting,

but one rather dim.

For when I swim,

my mind will always win.

Swim in the shallow near the shore

they say, but I know for sure

I’ll be going somewhere so much more


Where waves don’t sleep,

And the ground can’t grasp my feet.

For when I swim,

my mind will always win.

Feel the pressure against my skull,

as I sink,

a broken hull.

Why can I never find the right place

to swim?






Honey. Like golden money, only runny. And sweet.